About us

Hobeca Music Publishing (ASCAP) has a catalog of classic and cutting edge new music.
We’re located in the soul New York City. We have a track record of chart topping
music in the world of records, film, and advertising, in both the mainstream and Latin markets.

Leigh Crizoe

Leigh was raised in Los Angeles, California, where he became a professional musician, arranger, writer, and producer while still in his teens. In those days he worked with big name acts like the Letterman, Johnny Cash, Gene Pitney, The Marvelettes, and many others. Leigh now lives in New York City with his partner Rhio. Leigh’s professional background includes writing and producing hundreds of advertising campaigns and jingles for radio and television commercials including “Nobody Beats the Wiz” for The Wiz Electronic Stores in NYC which later became a hit rap song entitled “Nobody Beats the Biz” recorded by Biz Markie. Leigh also wrote the world famous “You’ve Got the Look, the Jordache Look” designer jean commercials of the 80′s and 90′s which are still played today. His music has also been featured on Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, and has been used by Michael Jackson, Nas, Kanye West and many other artists. Leigh has also been the co-publisher of hit songs in the area of Latin music. He received the BMI award for one of the most played songs on Spanish pop radio. After changing directions for a few years and creating several successful internet radio stations, he is back in the music and jingle business, his first love. With new state of the art recording studios located in Manhattan, he’s ready to create the next classic jingle for you. Leigh’s music is a featured theme in a major motion picture being released in 2014.

Leigh Crizoe